Eufy RoboVac 11 High Suction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11 is an extremely quiet but powerful self-charging, robotic vacuum cleaner. Eufy is a spinoff company of its much larger parent company, Anker. Robovac 11 is designed for cleaning the hard floor and thin carpet. Its HEPA filters are very effective in cleaning the pet fur.

Robovac’s low profile design allows it to slide under sofas, tables, etc. and every nook and corner. Even in the high power mode, it is very quiet, and your neighbors would never complain about it. With the great suction power, it is as efficient as regular vacuum cleaners.

With the smart navigation system, it can avoid obstacles. It changes its direction if it senses the risk of falling from ledges. When it runs out of battery, it navigates back to its docking station to get some power. It turns off its vacuum while it is on its way to get back home. It is very slim and around three inches tall, so it is easy to store under the coffee table or the kitchen cabinet.


With one rolling brush, two side brushes and 1000 Pa powerful suction, it leaves no dirt in your room. It has a powerful battery that lasts long enough for it to keep your room clean. You can set the schedule for cleaning, and you will find your room clean before you come back from work.

With four cleaning modes, auto, spot, edge and small room, it adjusts the cleaning-path to according to the room-type.

It climbs over rugs and rolls over uneven flooring and cleans the mess entirely. In Edge mode, it hugs the walls and uses brushes to sweep dust from edges.

Disassembling for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is easy. The filter is incredibly easy to clean as well.

The HEPA style filtration system has a primary screen to capture hairs, crumbs, and lint. In the second line of defense, it is equipped with the foam filter to capture the dust particles. The third filter removes allergens, mites, and spores, etc.

Dust holder is large enough to hold the dirt before you need to clean it for about two weeks.


Eufy Robovac 11 comes with a remote control that needs two AAA batteries to work. Besides that, you will get an AC power adapter, a charging station, a cleaning tool, HEPA-style filter, four side brushes and a 12-month warranty.



– One click button for cleaning the house
– Low Profile design for better cleaning under the tables and chairs
– Different cleaning modes for different room-types
– Long lasting, high capacity Lithium Ion Battery for powerful suction and better cleaning. The battery can last for about one and half hour.
– Infrared sensors for avoiding obstacles
– Drop sense technology to avoid falls
– Anti-scratch tempered glass cover for extra protection
– It is available in two different color variants



– It has a long battery life that ensures the robotic vacuum cleaner does not run out of power leaving the job half undone.

– It picks up dirt, hairs, and allergens well and thoroughly clean your room.

– A cleaning schedule can be set for it which makes you almost forget about the cleaning chores.

– It is extremely quiet and does not bother you while it is cleaning.

– It is 3.1 inches tall which makes it slimmer and shorter than the most robotic cleaners and makes it well suited for cleaning under your furniture.



– Cycle time is very long. It might need over an hour to clean your room.

Necessary Information

– Robovac is suitable for hardwood floors, laminate, tiles and low-pile carpets. It is not suitable for high-pile carpets and very dark-colored floors.

– It has a 3 part filter system. You need to replace the HEPA filter and clean the other two filters on a regular basis.

– Do not try to ride the pets or baby over the unit.

– It can clean multiple rooms if you leave the door open, but occasionally it might lose directions to the charging station if it is cleaning the other room.



To Sum Up


Eufy Robovac 11 is a decent robotic vacuum cleaner for its price. It is good for everyday use, but you need clean its filters regularly. Its long battery life, HEPA filters, and triple brush cleaning mechanism makes sure that no dirt is left in your room. With its auto-scheduling and one click cleaning option, it is very easy to keep your home clean.

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